Proceedings and Volume of Abstracts

EITAM5 consisted of round tables, lectures and contributed papers in the form of extended abstracts and posters.

The abstracts of these works can be found in the Volume of Abstracts.

The full contributed papers are available below.

Proceedings of the 5th International Theory and Musical Analysis Meeting

ISSN 2237-0757

pp. 19 – 29

“Candomblé” de Eli-Eri Moura: Uma Abordagem Metalinguística

Guilherme do Nascimento DAVINO
Maurício Funcia de BONIS

pp. 73 – 84

pp. 149 – 163

pp. 333 – 347

Análise musical de Mutationen VI para violino e fita magnética de Claudio Santoro

Ana Leticia Crozetta ZOMER
Adriana Lopes da Cunha MOREIRA

pp. 375 – 392